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Enz - one love

In late 1972, university friends Tim Finn and Phil Judd founded a largely acoustic band called Split Ends in Auckland , New Zealand. Finn sang and played piano, while Judd sang and played guitar. Both wrote songs. They were accompanied by Tim's old school friend Mike Chunn on bass, Miles Golding on violin, and Mike Howard on flute. Finn and Judd quickly became close friends; after moving out their campus accommodation they shared Room 129 in a rambling boarding house called "Malmsbury Villa" and both their room number and the name of the house would later both be commemorated in song. Another key personality in this period was Phil Judd's university friend Noel Crombie , who occasionally performed with them over the next few years. Another powerful creative influence was Phil and Tim's love for British author and artist Mervyn Peake , whose Gormenghast novels inspired a number of their early songs.

As we lay in between the sheets
Ships are sinking in the bay
Find yourself a love to keep
And someone else will have to pay
I lifted up my head from sleep
Linger in the scent of a dream
Someone must be crying now
To make me laugh in sympathy

Enz - One LoveEnz - One LoveEnz - One LoveEnz - One Love